Light Duty Cattle Panels

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Our light duty cattle panels is a good solutions for easy and fast to build a yard for you control cattles. ,cattle panels made by high quality minimum 15 microns

zinc layer galvanized steel 360 ° full welds pipes to make sure panels are stronger to face any impacr from cattles or horse,Horizontal Rails with the oval pipes

design to avoid hurt of livestock .The advantage of Light Duty panels allow you to build a easy cattle yard at a fastest time ,It is a ideal solutions for quite cattles

horse .

Ligh Duty -Cattle Yard Panels

Height :1800mm

Width : 2100mm

Vertical Post : RHS 40mm x 40mm x 1.60mm

Horizontal Rails : Ovals 30mm x 60mm x 1.60mm

TOTAL : 6 Bars

Accessories :2pcs caps + 2 pcs L lugs + 2 pcs U lugs + 2 Pins + 2 PCS foot plate

Finish :Hot Dipped Gavanzed 15 microns minimum then siliver painted

Note : We are cattle panels manufacturer ,accordingly we can customized any size of products as long as customer offer their idea we will weld it in real world


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