Steel Plate Base -Portable Fence

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Steel Plate Base -Portable Fence For Crowd Control

Steel plate crowd control barriers with simplicity design of base but it does not means simple , ,The feet are Removable design

or easy stacking and transportation fully hot dipped galvanized into zinc pool zinc layer available in 14 microns - 84 microns this kinds of the crowd control barriers target market are Australia and NZ

No matter whats kinds of crowd control solutions you plan to perform to ensure the security level is most important things to be considered ,the steel plate design to make the barrier with utmost land

area against the steel security barriers tripped .

The flat steel plate design to minimize the tripping hazard roads utmost make the portable fence with stability and all of barriers in a uniform lines


Technical Of Steel Plate Crowd Control Barrier


Steel Plate -Crowd Control Barrier

OD 25 x 1.50mm

Height :1100mm

Width :2200mm

Infill spacing : 200 mm

Upright Tubes : OD 20

U Base Available in Removable and Weld Permanently


Treatment :Hot Dipped Galvanized Before Welding

Hot Dipped Galvanized After Welding

Coated By RAL Colors


Options :

Name Plate on the Center

Center Handle For Carried two Portable Fence At One Time

Powder Coated to Match up with target colors

Bottoms feet Rubber Caps


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